● Precise Temperature Control System:

1. The SLAN® system adopts Peltier technology which can accurately and quickly control increases and decreases of temperature with a precision of ±0.1℃ and features long service life, no noise and no pollution, etc.;
2. Multiple-point temperature control technology ensures the uniformity between different wells. The temperature correction technology guarantees the accuracy of temperature and thus ensures the accuracy of assay result;
3. PCR tube temperature-control technology guarantees the accuracy of actual temperature of reagent in the tube and enables the SLAN® to easily adjust for different reactions using different volumes
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A 89.82 89.88 89.92 89.94 89.94 89.92 89.93 89.92 89.91 89.89 89.88 89.87
B 89.96 90.04 90.04 90.03 90.04 90.05 90.06 90.04 90.03 90.05 90.00 89.96
C 89.97 90.02 90.07 90.04 90.03 90.05 90.07 90.09 90.07 90.08 90.08 90.01
D 89.97 90.01 90.04 90.00 90.02 90.02 90.05 90.05 90.04 90.04 90.02 89.98
The temperature on 90℃
● Sensitive Photoelectric Detection System

1. High sensitivity photoelectric detector with no background noise which is fast and stable;
2. Lifetime maintenance-free ultra-bright LED cold light source with a large signal value and high stability;
3. Unique optical fiber conduction technology that greatly improves fluorescence collection efficiency and avoids fluorescence interference between neighboring tubes;
4. The system automatically selects best gain value for each tube without the need for user configuration. The SLAN® has an extremely broad measuring range for fluorescence;
5. Extremely high detection sensitivity with an extremely low fluorescence background value. It's not necessary for users to make optical correction or background correction.
Repetition The correlation coefficient(R)
  The above figure is the expansion curve and standard curve of the standard quantitative reagent dilutions respectively; 2×107copies/ml, 2×106copies/ml, 2×105copies/ml, 2×104copies/ml. 20 replicates were run at 2×106copies/ml and gave a CV of 0.12%.The correlation coefficient (R) for the above is -0.99988.
● With the improvement of the technology, our product can do 3 channels experiment. Highly optimized filter combination giving rise to so little crosstalk that it can almost be ignored. The SLAN®'s software subsequently eliminates any slight interference value for that occurs.

● Unique Electronic Automatic Hot Lid System

1. Flexible heating technology ensures uniform hot lid temperature;
2. The electronic automatic hot lid has an adjustment function for different 0.2ml reaction tubes to ensure even tube pressure;
3. Once the assay starts, the hot lid has automatic locking function to prevent assay failure following accidental opening.
● Other functions
· Power-off protection · Automatic saving result · Export of result
· Real-time data display · Quantitative and qualitative analysis · File encryption
· Automatic baseline optimization · Digital filtering · Search function
· Report sheet print and edit · Melt curve function  
· Can observe the raw data or the normalized data during the test
·Control System
·Detection System
·3 channels experiment
·Hot Lid System
·Other functions
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